Boone County, Iowa.  A client for GRL attorney Matt Lindholm (aka The Wolf), recently had his operating while intoxicated charge dismissed.  The client was charged with OWI after law enforcement officers obtained a search warrant and took a sample of his blood for chemical testing.  A motion to suppress was filed challenging the admissibility of the blood test results arguing that the State cannot just obtain a search warrant for a blood sample on a standard OWI case, and that the client’s rights to a phone call were violated because he was not allowed sufficient time to speak to an attorney.  The day before the motion to suppress was set to be heard the State moved to dismiss the charge.  It is not entirely clear if the reason the charge was dismissed was due to the motion to suppress (the State had recently lost two cases on this issue), the fact that Boone County Deputy Wingate resigned following the suspicious death of his K9, or a combination of both.  Regardless, just prevailed.