Domestic Abuse Assault NFG

Boone County, Iowa.  A jury recently returned a NFG (Not F’in Guilty) verdict for one of Matt Lindholm’s clients following a two day jury trial.  The Perry Mason moment in this trial occurred when the alleged victim (client’s ex-wife) was caught lying to the jury.  She had previously testified that she had not been sexting other men because she never had the SnapChat app however police video footage showed her admitting to deleting the app a week prior to making the complaint.  To compound matters for her, it was shown that her religious beliefs frowned upon infidelity and that they would not approve of a divorce unless there was some type of abuse.  All of this manifested in the perfect reasons for her to manufacture the domestic abuse allegations.  Fortunately, the jury saw through the shenanigans and quickly (i.e. 14 minutes) found Matt’s client not guilty.