Don’t Pay an Overweight Truck Ticket Without First Consulting GRL

The CDL traffic ticket defense lawyers at GRL Law represent local and out-of-state drivers, trucking companies and owner-operators cited with overweight violations throughout the State of Iowa.

When it comes to overweight axle or gross weight violations, you should always remember this Murphy’s Law:  Don’t pay the ticket without consulting GRL first.

Overweight fines for single or tandem axles and gross weight violations are thousands of dollars per ticket.  Unpaid fines will result in the loss of your CDL privileges.

If you simply pay the fine, then you waive your right to a jury trial and the matter is reported as a conviction to the Iowa Department of Transportation.  The Iowa DOT will ultimately report these matters to the Federal Motor Carrier Comprehensive Safety Analysis (FMCSA) system.  This may negatively impact your FMCSA score.

We can help protect your score by aggressively defending these overweight tickets.  Most cases can be resolved without requiring the driver or motor carrier representative to appear in court.  That means no taking time off from the road or spending hours waiting in a courtroom.

We work to dismiss these charges completely or substantially reduce the fines that apply.

Don’t pay these overweight violations without scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with GRL Law.