Drug Charges Thrown Out After GRL Challenges Search of Commercial Motor Vehicle

In what may be the first ruling of its kind in Buchanan County, a GRL client is a free man today after the district court there suppressed the search of his semi truck and dismissed all charges.

At issue was the Level II inspection criteria that many counties with weight stations impermissibly use to justify searches for “alcohol and drugs.” GRL previously covered this topic here.

CDL drivers are usually at the mercy of DOT officers and state troopers who believe all closed containers in the truck cabin are subject to search.  To be sure, commercial trucking is certainly a regulated industry.  But that doesn’t mean law enforcement has unbridled authority to toss the passenger compartment and sleeper area.

GRL has always advocated for cabining police power in these situations.   Now the district courts are taking notice with great results for our clients.

If you have possession charges arising from a search of your truck, then call the drug crime attorneys at GRL Law for a consultation.