I don’t have enough space to explain everything Bobby had got done for me. I was charged with 2 DUI’s a few weeks apart in rural Iowa. Unfortunately the look back period is 12 years and was 1.5 years from falling off. Allowed the state to charge me with 2 3rd offense DUI’s. I was looking at 2 class D felonies. Bobby stood by me through it all. We stood 2 trials 2 weeks apart. The way he worked through the legal system was unbelievable! As Bobby says every case is different. The first trial I was found guilty. The second trial was a mistrial which prosecution agreed to come down to a 1st offense all minimums and no probation! Unfortunately I was found guilty of the 3rd offense on the first trial. However Bobby knew he had an appeal on that case. Bobby took it to the court of appeals and the conviction was overturned and sent back to district court and agreed to drop the felony and DUI completely to a reckless driving charge. Through all of this and while this was going on I was charge with 2 driving while revoked. He even got those dropped to driving while expired. Through all of this I lost my career. Due to Bobby’s incredible knowledge and determination to win gave me the opportunity to get back into my career. When a person is in this predicament you need a good lawyer who doesn’t talk about what your looking at for punishment during consultation. Every lawyer I talked to Bobby was the only one who didn’t mention anything about the punishment. He develops the facts first. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A LAWYER SOOOO COMFORTABLE IN THE COURT ROOM! It’s like he was born in one. You would have to see him in action to really understand all this, therefore you need to hire him. I attended the court of appeals hearing, which was extremely educational. Bobby destroyed the states argument. He had the assistant attorney General mumbling over his own argument and made him look completely unprepared to the point that the justices were attacking the state. Bobby won every argument he took to the appeals court. No lawyer is a miracle worker and he will not win every case as no one can. But if the opportunity is there, no doubt in my mind this will be the only lawyer in regards to DUI cases you will obtain who will find it and will fight like hell to make it work for you and your family. He deserves 100/100. I have and will continue to refer people to this stud!