Education and Prevention

During this season of holiday cheer, it is important to remember that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to drinking and driving. While it is not illegal to drink and drive, caution and responsibility is the key. One seemingly innocent lapse in judgment can result in permanent and life altering consequences. We all know that drunk driving takes thousands of lives and leads to even more serious and permanent injuries every year. In addition to the victims of drunk driving, the individual who thought they were "ok" to drive but winds up stopped by the police, or worse yet, in an accident resulting in one of those serious injuries or death, is also faced with a permanent life altering consequences. Mandatory jail time, stiff fines and lengthy license suspensions are often times the least of your worries. If serious injury or death results, mandatory lengthy prison terms are required, regardless of how clean of a record you may have or how good of a person you may otherwise be. See

A little prevention really does go a long ways. For this reason the attorneys at GRL Law are a participating sponsor for KGGO's holiday safe ride program for the third straight year. The program provides free cab rides home from participating establishments during the holiday season. Participating locations can be found at

In addition to holiday safe ride, GRL Law has and is continuing to offer free prevention and education presentations to the general public. The purpose of this presentation is to educate individuals of their constitutional and statutory rights and also the consequences of being arrested and charged with various criminal offenses. In this country, everyone thinks that they know their rights and know even better how to exercise their rights when faced with various situations. The truth however, is that while Americans may have more rights than anywhere else in the world, we are generally ignorant on what they are and how best to exercise them. These presentations are designed to eliminate that ignorance and also serve a preventative function by further educating the public as to the consequences of being arrested, charged, and potentially convicted of various offenses. If you have a group, whether a business, social organization, student organization or otherwise that you feel would benefit from such a presentation, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at GRL Law to schedule you free education and prevention presentation.