Effective July 15, 2020, Fines for Criminal Offenses Change

Effectively July 15, 2020, the financial penalties for all criminal offenses undergo significant changes.

Maximum and minimum fines for five separate categories of offenses will change to the following:

Simple Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $105.  Maximum Fine – $855

Serious Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $430.  Maximum Fine – $2,560

Aggravated Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $855.  Maximum Fine – $8,540

Class D Felony:  Minimum Fine – $1,025.  Maximum Fine – $10,245

Class C Felony:  Minimum Fine – $1,370.  Maximum Fine – $13,660.

The changes do not alter the otherwise mandatory minimum fines applicable to offenses such as operating while intoxicated.

The new law also reduces the mandatory surcharge that gets imposed on top of the fine from 35% to 15% and eliminates the DARE and Law Enforcement Initiative Surcharges.