Employee of the Decade

Behind every good lawyer there is a fabulous assistant. Behind every successful law firm there is a magician disguised as an office manager. That makes Melissa of GRL Law a super human magician and now officially, the Employee of the Decade!
Her rolls at GRL Law over the past ten years have included office manager, legal assistant, one person call center, call center supervisor, debt collector, accountant, Supreme Court Commission compliance regulator, trust account manager extraordinaire (every audit down to the very penny), banker, human resource officer, federal regulation compliance officer, construction supervisor, practical legal trainer, BS marketing calls filterer, fashion consultant, grumpy client whisperer, schedule juggler, trial strategist, case consultant, interior decorator, designated shopper, social chair, event coordinator, bartender, chef, barista, ego checker, babysitter of grownups (especially Cory), babysitter of children, alternative dispute resolver, and the ultimate whip cracker. (We probably left a few out).
Melissa was with GRL Law when we started as two young lawyers in two offices with a conference room that also doubled as her office and reception area for clients while saws blared and hammers pounded just outside of the door. Three different construction projects, a new partner attorney, a total of four different associate lawyers (one of which is all grown up into a Junior Partner now), a bunch of law clerks, a total of six different staff additions and the GRL Law ship is still upright and sailing smoothly thanks in no small part to Melissa’s hard work and selflessness.
They say that good help is hard to find. That is certainly true. However, extraordinary help is even harder to find. It is not often that a business can put 100% faith and trust in a person but with Melissa, GRL Law has just that. Melissa, we don’t say it often enough so we want to take the moment now to publically and repeatedly thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us all at GRL Law. THANK YOU! We would not be in existence without your hard work, fierce loyalty and above all, friendship. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Oh, and you are being promoted to yet another job title. You shall from heretoforth be referred to as Employee of the Decade!
Cory, Bobby and Matt