Ex Des Moines DUI Cop Sentenced

Ex Des Moines Police Officer, Colin Boone, was sentenced in federal court today following his  conviction for using excessive force in connection with a traffic stop in Polk County, Iowa.  Boone, who was an operating while intoxicated instructor at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and member of the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau task force for DUI enforcement, was indicted in federal court following an incident captured on video tape where he kicked a handcuffed suspect in the face, causing severe injuries.  The Jury found him guilty of Excessive Use of Force on May 13, 2015. 

Judge Robert Pratt sentenced him to 63 months incarceration.  Mandatory detention applied so Boone was taken into custody immediately upon the announcement of the sentence.  The federal sentencing guidelines recommended 63-78 months incarceration.  The Court declined to apply a two point enhancement for obstruction for justice but also declined to depart or vary downward from the recommended range range of imprisonment, after considering all of the sentencing factors.  Judge Pratt indicated in the Clerk's Court Minutes for sentencing that a supplemental written sentencing order would follow.

The Clerk's Court Minutes – Sentencing, can be accessed here.