Felony Theft Charges Amended to Misdemeanor Operating Without Consent and Time Served WIN

On March 11, 2020 the Marshall County District Court granted the state’s motion to amend a two-count felony trial information and allowed our client to plead to a single misdemeanor charge of Operating without Owner’s Consent.

The State initially charged our client with class C and D felony theft, allegations which, if not aggressively defended, could have resulted in 15 years or more in prison and thousands in fines. However, the firm’s vigorous approach to pretrial discovery depositions raised considerable doubt over whether the state could prove that our client knowingly exercised control over stolen property, a 1977 Corvette, and later sold the same vehicle to an unsuspecting purchaser.

The result for our client?  Credit for time served for a misdemeanor and a minimum fine.

This is another example why GRL enjoys the reputation for putting in the shift to zealously defend clients.  When you roll up your sleeves and really get after the state’s evidence, you can achieve extraordinary results.