Firearm Prohibition is a Collateral Consequence of Using Marijuana

One of the collateral consequences to a drug conviction is the prohibition against possessing a firearm or ammunition.

Even if the charge does not involve a firearm.

Did you know that Iowa law tracks federal law when it comes to marijuana and firearms?

A drug conviction within the past 365 days will trigger the prohibition.  So will a self-admission of use or possession in an officer’s narrative report.  Or multiple arrests within 5 years establishing a pattern of use.  This can include drug related DUIs or paraphernalia charges with positive residue tests.

Same for use of marijuana under a state-approved medical program.

Dismissed charges or deferred judgments provide a safe harbor.  There is no federal prohibition against firearm possession in those situations, but a person on street probation may be similarly prohibited by rules established by the Department of Corrections.

GRL Law zealously defends marijuana and other drug charges arising from traffic stops and search warrants.  We understand the interplay between firearms and controlled substances and will protect your gun rights whenever possible.