Grant is a lawyer who will fight relentlessly for you

In June 2020 I was arrested and charged with Criminal Gang Participation, a Class D felony in Iowa. I reached out to a couple lawyers who were not interested in taking the case but recommended Grant Gangestad to me. I called and spoke to his assistant and explained my situation to her and the next day I heard from Grant. We discussed the case and he was willing to take my case and was eager to move forward with my defense. He worked tirelessly throughout multiple delays not just Covid delays but also delays by the court. Grant was a great communicator, he stuck to the facts, he didn’t blow smoke up my as*, he was upfront and truthful from the beginning of the process to the end. In March 2021 the charges were dismissed at the behest of the prosecutor due to lack of evidence after Grant completed depositions with the witnesses. He continues to work (April 2021) for the return of my personal items that were seized. If you’re looking for an aggressive, straight-forward, talented lawyer that will work night and day for your case, this is your guy. I will never hire, or recommend, a lawyer other than Grant Gangestad.


-Cory, GRL Law client