GRL Law’s Social Distancing Must-Watch List

So this wont be your typical GRL Law Blog, this one has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with surviving social distancing.  Our staff put their heads together through the virtual portal and came up with a list of shows that were voted the favorite by the GRL Law Family.

  • Tiger King – CAUTION! This one is a binger!  After getting started we couldn’t stop! This show is out of this world in every way. After day one of watching, on a video call with the team this was a hot topic.  The majority of the firm has watched it and we all have our opinions on Carol Baskins and Joe Exotic!  So will you!
  • Staircase – This one is very interesting, if even more interesting if you read all the theories there are out there of what happened. We’ll give you the basics. Michael Petersen and his wife Kathleen where at home in 2003 when Kathleen went into the house and was later found dead at the bottom of the stairs.  We won’t give anything else away, all we will say is go in with an open mind!
  • Abducted in Plain Sight – This documentary will have you pissed, confused, pissed again, and not sure who the problem in all before it is over. We will give you one note on this that we was told after watching it, remember when this took place, it was before most modern technology. However, it still is ridiculous!
  • Pharmacist – What we like about this one is that it touches on a subject that is very apparent in our world today, Opioid addiction. It talks about a pharmacist whose son was killed in what the cops thought was a drug deal gone wrong. After that, the pharmacist digs deep into Opioid addiction and where it was starting.  We’ll leave it for you there, if you like this one there is also a great podcast called “Last Day” that also talks about Opioid addiction that is very raw and real and interesting to hear.
  • Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez– Here is a good one of the sport fans. NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez was put on trial for the death of Odin Lloyd on June 17, 2013. They discuss everything from his childhood, to the start of his football career in high school, to his time with the Patriots, to the end of the trial.
  • Don’t Fu*k with Cats –  Several people at our office have watched it and say that it is a must see. The information that we have is that a video is posted online of the killing of a cat and circulates through social media. Ultimately a group of people on Facebook start a page to find out who the cat killer was. Things only escalate from there when eventually a person is murdered.

Let us know what you think of GRL Law’s social distancing must-watch list and certainly let us know what we need to add! Stay healthy!