GRL Overturns License Suspension for Driver Traveling 100 MPH

The traffic ticket defense lawyers at GRL Law field calls regularly from drivers cited for excessive speed.  More often than not, it’s only after they receive a suspension notice from the Iowa DOT.

That’s right.  The consequences of pleading guilty are more than just the fine, surcharge and court costs.  The DOT can suspend the privileges of anyone convicted for speeding more than 24 miles over the posted limit or what is referred to as a “serious violation.”

The minimum suspension for a serious violation is 60 days (25 mph over) while the maximum is one year (49 mph or more).  Although an Iowa driver may qualify for a work permit during the suspension period, they will be required to post expensive, high risk SR-22 insurance for two years.  Suspensions are reported to the driver’s home state where the consequences can be even more significant.

Fortunately, the DOT also has the discretion to not suspend.  That is where we can make a difference.

GRL Law recently saved an out-of-state driver from being suspended for speeding 100 in a 70.  The driver simply paid the ticket unaware of what would happen.  It wasn’t until the driver received the DOT notice did she realize the consequences.  It was too late to unwind the guilty plea so we went to work on the DOT appeal.

We persuaded the DOT to not suspend, but instead offer a driver improvement program.  In the end, the suspension will be rescinded and removed from the driver’s record.  And no SR-22.

Don’t plead guilty to an excessive speeding citation without first consulting GRL Law.  And if you are just learning of the DOT suspension through the mail, then call us immediately.