GRL Saves CDL After Officer Unreasonably Limits Phone Calls

When your CDL is at risk for failing a breath test, you need the expertise of the impaired driving defense attorneys at GRL Law.

Merely three weeks after suppressing a breath test to save a commercial driver’s license, the firm’s efforts have rescued another CDL holder, this time through the DOT appeal process.

The administrative law judge found that the arresting officer provided our client only 14 minutes to place phone calls prior to chemical testing.  When the last call attempt went to voice mail at the stroke of the deadline, the officer exclaimed “Times Up!” and took his phone away.  We argued there was plenty of time remaining to allow additional calls within the two-hour window allowed for a breath testing and the officer unreasonably limited our client’s access to communication with outside parties like a family member or attorney.  And the ALJ agreed.

The result?

No revocation.  No disqualification.  Another CDL saved.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without a thorough review of all the video evidence, including the implied consent process.  GRL Law pioneered a process that leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of winning strategies for the accused drinking driver.  If there is a defense, then we’ll find it and leverage it for you.