GRL Secures Return of $7K in Cash Seized During Traffic Stop

The seized property attorneys at GRL pulled a rabbit out of the hat once again in winning the release of $7,000 seized during a traffic stop in Bremer County on Highway 63.

The Iowa State Trooper admitted during a suppression hearing that he believed the seized cash was the illegal proceeds of drug activity.  In other words, the trooper believed that the cash was forfeitable.

Under those circumstances, the State must initiate judicial proceedings within 90 days of the seizure, but that didn’t happen here.  Any failure to initiate forfeiture proceedings within that time frame deprives the district court of the power to forfeit the seized property.  

All it took was a single question on cross-examination to unlock the money.  

If you’ve had property seized during a traffic stop or search warrant raid, whether it’s cash, firearms or electronic devices, call the seized property attorneys at GRL for a review.  They might be able to work some magic for you.