GRL Suppresses Breath Test and Saves CDL

The impaired driving defense attorneys at GRL prevented yet another CDL holder from being disqualified by the Iowa DOT.

A thorough review of pretrial discovery indicated that the arresting officer made a critical mistake during the implied consent process.  He failed to properly observe the 15-minute waiting period before requesting a breath sample for testing on the DataMaster DMT.  As a result, the district court suppressed the test result from evidence making it inadmissible at trial.  This ruling is binding on the DOT and serves to rescind and remove the revocation (and CDL disqualification) from the driver’s record.

GRL defends accused drinking drivers across the state, especially those who hold a CDL but are driving their work vehicle.  We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a defense that will save your commercial driving privileges from disqualification.  That may be the difference in keeping your job and supporting your family.