GRL Swag Shop

You have seen the GRL attorneys and staff rocking some great GRL swag.  Whether it be a GRL polo, NFG shirt or the recently released Respectfully Defiant line, they are now all available from GRL’s online store.  We aren’t in the clothing design business for the money.  Instead, all proceeds from swag sales this year will be donated to GRL’s 2023 charity, the National Alliance on Mental Illness – Iowa Chapter.

At GRL, we see mental health’s impact on individuals, families and communities every single day. GRL currently has a number of cases pending where we are working to make a positive impact on governmental entities’ treatment of individuals with mental health challenges.  Most important though, the mental health battle became personal with GRL when it struck our family right between the eyes. When you get smacked in the face you have a number of choices on how to respond but at GRL there is only one appropriate response. Do something about it. Thus, we have decided to make the National Alliance on Mental Health, Iowa Chapter, our charity for 2023. Our goal is to raise a boat-load of money to help ensure that this valuable resource remains available and active for all of those facing mental health challenges.

Help us in supporting a crucial organization and look good while you are doing it! Follow this link to the GRL Swag Shop.