How GRL Law is Dealing with COVID-19

GRL Law remains committed to continuing to assist our current and potential clients.  During this time of chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing certain procedures and protocols.  The attorneys and staff at GRL Law are committed to ensuring that we do our part to flatten the curve consistent with the recommendations of the State of Iowa and CDC.

Effective Monday, March 23rd, our physical office locations will be closed.  We are confident that we are able to continue to effectively serve our client without needing to physically gather in one location.

Importantly, our phones are still being answered and emails will be responded to as normal, if not better than they ever were before.  GRL Law has always made it a priority to communicate with clients in a timely and professional manner.  This will not change.

Many clients have questions regarding upcoming court dates.  Currently, according to the newest Iowa Judicial Branch press release, all Iowa Judicial Branch Clerk of Court offices remain open.  Criminal cases are proceeding as scheduled with personal appearances being minimized as much as possible. New court dates that require personal appearance are being scheduled out past April 20, 2020.  According to the Iowa Supreme Court Supervisory Order, all trials have been postponed until after April 20, 2020.  Civil cases are all being continued out past May 4th consistent with the Court’s supervisory order.  Any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to GRL Law for the details on your specific case.

We understand that any involvement in the legal system is stressful in and of itself.  The current pandemic only adds to the stress and uncertainty.  It is certainly a challenge.  It is not something however that will prevent GRL Law from serving the people of Iowa.  Like all other challenges and obstacles we face on behalf of our clients, we are doing everything we can to Conquer.  Join us in withstanding, battling and overcoming these difficult days.  Now is also a great time to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as we will being doing our best to provide useful and engaging content.  As always we are taking suggestions on ways we can better serve our community.