If you pick another attorney, you’ve made a mistake!

A little over a year ago i was arrested for OWI 1st offence. I’ve never been arrested before and was pretty worked up about the whole situation, not knowing how all of this worked. I called multiple attorneys before speaking with Robert and his team. The others I spoke with treated me as a criminal and like another case they didn’t have time for. You won’t get that with Robert and Mckayla, they are willing to go the extra mile to help you any way they can! As soon as you walk into his office you are treated with kindness and respect, you’re not a criminal to them, you’re just a person that could use some help. After speaking with Mr. Rehkemper, I knew that he was the right attorney for my case! Robert and his team immediately got to work. They handle everything they can from the court side of things to the DOT side of it, and if it’s something that you have to do on your own, they will walk you through the entire process. They always have your back and are more than willing to help and answer all the questions you’ll have. Robert came up with a plan for my case and set things in motion. and the end results were exactly what I was hoping for, we won the appeal! It was a long process that took a little over a year, but because of Robert and Mckayla I’m able to get my CDL back and get back to work. I don’t think any other law firm would go the extra mile like they did, and for that I am grateful.

5.0 stars

Posted by Brady