Illegal Entry Into House Results in Favorable Resolution of Snowmobiling While Intoxicated Accusation

Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  Emergency assistance was requested following a snowmobile accident in Poweshiek County.  Emergency medical personnel arrived and tended to the injured person who was inside of GRL Law’s client’s house.  Law enforcement arrived as well and soon began to investigate GRL Law’s client for operating a snowmobile while intoxicated (yes this can be charged as operating while intoxicated).  At the time the investigation began, law enforcement was outside of the residence speaking with the client.  Law enforcement then took GRL Law’s client back into his residence and continued the investigation.  Law enforcement did not have consent to enter the residence and as a consequence the prosecution agreed that all evidence related to the OWI investigation which was obtained inside the house would have to be excluded at trial.  The case was resolved with two simple misdemeanor offenses of Public Intoxication and Negligent Operation of a Snowmobile.  Driver’s license reinstated and the OWI was dismissed.