Immunity From Drug Prosecutions Under Iowa’s Good Samaritan Law

If you witness a drug overdose, then Iowa’s Good Samaritan Law will protect you if you call 911 for medical assistance.

That’s right.

The law provides full immunity for certain Chapter 124 drug charges including:

  • Delivery of a controlled substance, if not done for profit (124.401);
  • Simple possession (124.401(5));
  • Gatherings (124.407); and
  • Drug paraphernalia (124.414).

Generally, you cannot be arrested, charged or prosecuted for these crimes when you remain on the scene, call for medical assistance and provide your contact information to and cooperate with medical personnel.  Calling 911 should not affect your probation or parole status either.  This applies to both overdose reporters and patients themselves.

GRL Law encourages Iowans to immediately seek medical attention for overdose victims.  Don’t run from the scene for fear of prosecution.  Call 911 instead.

If you are charged with a drug offense despite your good faith attempts to comply with the law, then contact the drug defense attorneys at GRL Law for a consultation.  We can raise this immunity defense on your behalf and advocate for a dismissal of all charges.