Jury exonerates man of sexual abuse allegation from 20 years ago

HAMILTON COUNTY – Client was charged with Sex Abuse in the Second Degree based on an allegation claimed to have occurred 17 years prior.  After being initially charged, the Assistant County Attorney who was handling the case filed a Motion to Dismiss the case.  Before the motion could be granted by the Court, the head County Attorney, who was personally affiliated with the complaining witnesses father, withdrew the Motion to Dismiss.  Months later the case was turned over to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office to continue with the prosecution.  Three years after the charge was brought against him, the case was finally submitted to a jury.  GRL’s client testified at trial and protested his innocence.  After only an hour of deliberation the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty exonerating him of the allegations.  It was a long, hard-fought battle but one that was definitely worth the wait.  At GRL Law we encourage we support and encourage client’s who are falsely accused of crimes to see the case all the way through.  The community finally had a chance to speak and in this case, it spoke our three favorite words loud and clear.  N.F.G!