Law Enforcement Secretly Records Conversation with Lawyer – Case Dismissed

Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa.  The attorney-client privilege is one of the most sacred and protected privileges in the legal system.  Following his arrest for operating while intoxicated, client called GRL Law for emergency assistance.  Client asked for privacy during his phone call and law enforcement moved him to another room making him feel like he was being given privacy for his call with GRL Law.  Little did client or the attorney know, Ida County Sheriff's Office was recording the entirety of the conversation.  Once that breach of the attorney-client privilege was discovered, GRL Law moved to exclude the breath test refusal and asked that the entire case be dismissed.  After hearing, the court agreed that it was outrageous government conduct for law enforcement to record the attorney-client conversation and dismissed the charge.  All charges against client are dismissed and driving privileges will be spared.