Linn County Jury Says Our Two Favorite Words

Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa.  A Linn County jury returned a Not Guilty verdict for GRL Law’s client who was accused of Operating While Intoxicated.  GRL Law’s client was pulled over for an expired registration and the night went downhill from there.  At trial, it was revealed that this was the very first OWI investigation that the arresting officer had conducted.  It showed.  The arresting officer improperly administered all of the field sobriety exercises and even had difficulty performing them himself.  Ultimately, it is likely that the client’s calm and respectful demeanor even while going through a stressful event is what made a significant impact in the case.  He passed the two most important tests of all; the driving test and the attitude test.  It takes courage and commitment to justice for twelve strangers to come together and tell the government that the accused is not guilty.  GRL Law is grateful for the accused’s right to a jury trial and for this Linn County jury’s administration of justice.