Murphy Selected to USCCA Critical Response Team in Iowa

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) recently named GRL Law’s Colin Murphy to its Critical Response Team for the State of Iowa.

The USCCA is the nation’s premier organization for firearm education and training.  One of the most valuable benefits of membership is self-defense liability insurance for law abiding gun owners who are involved in self-defense shootings. The automatic insurance benefit provides funds for defense expenses, bail bonds, claims expenses and other damages.

The Critical Response Team exists to help USCCA members navigate the confusing aftermath of a self-defense incident.  It is an exclusive community of qualified pro-2A attorneys who are committed to defending the rights of responsible gun owners in Iowa and throughout the nation.  I get involved immediately to liaise with police at the scene, arrange for bond to get you released from jail and home to your loved ones and zealously defend your freedom.

GRL Law knows how to expertly apply the state’s justification and self-defense laws to properly defend those charged with serious criminal offenses for using physical or deadly force to protect themselves and their family during violent encounters.

If you keep firearms in the home or carry for personal protection, then you need to take advantage of the 100% up-front coverage for defense expenses (no deductible, reimbursement or out-of-pocket costs) provided by the USCCA.  Become a member!  Visit today for more information.  And be sure select Colin Murphy and GRL Law as your trusted attorney in the network.

If you have been been charged with a self-defense crime in Iowa, then call Colin Murphy at 515-461-7919 or email immediately to schedule a consultation.