NFG! First Three-Word Verdict of 2023 in Guthrie County OWI

A unanimous Guthrie County jury returned the first NFG of the year yesterday following a two-day OWI trial.

It took just under 30 minutes for the jury to say GRL’s client was not guilty.

Two seasoned Guthrie County Sheriff deputies testified that they believed the driver was intoxicated based on their training and experience.

And the State argued the jury could consider his eventual refusal to submit to breath testing was a tacit admission that he would blow over the legal limit.

As you have come to expect, GRL took another very difficult defense case and turned it on its head.

This was no longer about a driver who was under the influence.  The case morphed quickly into one about a failure to investigate.  So, the State was forced to spend much of the trial explaining how the dearth of evidence amounted to guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

And when you are explaining, you are losing.