NFG – What Does It Mean?

NFG.  It is a phenomenon amongst the criminal defense community started by the GRL team. It has been on cakes, cookies, and even cupcakes.  You may see the GRL Law, NFG t-shirts out and about.  There is a story behind every single one.  It started with a simple hashtag on social media posts but has morphed into something much greater.  It has become a cultural expression of sorts for those who are battling cases out in the arena.  Gladiators, daring greatly, fighting with everything on the line for their client’s freedom.

NFG is an expression of the emotion that overcomes both the accused and the defense team when they hear the two most glorious words in the criminal justice system: “Not Guilty.”  Upon the uttering of those words, an immense wave of relief overcomes both the accused and defense team.  It is an instantaneous validation of the months and/or years of fear, trepidation, preparation and sacrifice that lead up to that very moment.  GRL Law did not feel that the simple two words “not guilty,” while glorious to hear a jury announce, adequately conveyed and communicated the emotional tie that comes with receipt of such a verdict.  So, we took the very words that came out of our attorney’s mouths when they called the office to announce the verdict to the entire team – “Not Fucking Guilty.”

The use of profanity may offend some.  We apologize in advance.  However, sanitizing the phrase, muffles the raw emotion associated with that very moment.  Like any good expressive communication, it is raw, authentic and is precisely what goes through our attorney’s minds when a Not Guilty Verdict is read. Not. Fucking. Guilty!

For our staff, working relentlessly behind the scenes, NFG means that they are an integral part to making a difference.  Doing their part to fight for what is right and what is just.  It is easy to take a dismissive approach to the plight of an accused, resigning oneself to the default mentality of “they probably did it.”  However, our staff looks past that instinctive bias, recognizing that the constitutional principles and rule of law that make up the foundation of our great state and country require much more.  Our staff takes these principles to heart and eagerly joins into the fight alongside our attorneys, just as invested in the outcome as our attorneys.

GRL, from top to bottom, understands and appreciates that accusations are easy to make and at times, seemingly impossible to disprove.  We all known and understand that there are always three sides to every story and personal perspective on all sides can make a significant difference on how we view a set of facts.  We relentlessly work to uncover facts, develop the law, and tell our client’s story ion a way that brings the full picture to light.  When the facts and evidence line up and the jury announces a two-word verdict or a judge concludes that improperly obtained evidence must be excluded, the entire GRL Team cannot help but celebrate in another Not Fucking Guilty.  An NFG t-shirt goes to the client who persisted on and earned their stripes by helping GRL enforce and protect the constitutional principles that form the basis of our justice system.

Next time you see someone out and about wearing a GRL Law, Team NFG shirt, understand and appreciate it to be the result of a hard-fought battle for freedom and the constitutional rights of us all.  Buy them a drink and ask, “how did you earn your NFG?”  Many of these stories may amaze and inspire you.  NFGs aren’t just handed out.  NFGs are earned!

We care.  We fight.  You win.  NFG = Not. Fucking. Guilty!