NOT GUILTY of Conspiracy to Commit Theft

Norwalk, Warren County, Iowa.  It took almost two years of fighting but persistence paid off.  The Iowa Court of Appeals agreed that GRL Law’s client was Not Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Theft.  In a prosecution riddled with misconduct, GRL Law’s client was convicted of a crime she did not commit.  She waived her right to request a deferred judgment on the offense to ensure that she had the right to appeal the improper conviction.

GRL Law pressed on defending her innocence pro bono (for free) on appeal to the Iowa Court of Appeals.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the case was one of the first cases in the State to be argued at the Court of Appeals via video conferencing on May 22, 2020.  The full argument can be accessed here.  Less then a month after the case was submitted the court agreed that there was not enough evidence to convict GRL Law’s client of Conspiracy to Commit Theft.  This results in a full acquittal and allows the record to be expunged in six months.  Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly but when an injustice has been done, GRL Law does not quit.