Over 12.5 Million Recovered in Semi-Truck Accident Case

After working tirelessly for ten years on behalf of two families, GRL Law was able to secure full and complete compensation for our clients totaling over 12.5 million dollars.
In early 2008 two family’s lives would be forever changed when a semi-truck driver, parked illegally on the shoulder of an Iowa highway, attempted to merge into traffic as GRL Law’s clients were approaching.  The resulting collision caused the death of a young man, a life-threatening brain injury to the two-year old child in the back seat, and injuries to his mother as well, who was driving the car.
The insurance company covering the semi-truck driver and trucking company refused to settle the families’ claims for less than the insurance limits of $1,000,000 despite GRL Law proving that the semi-truck driver falsified her log books, lied in her deposition and was on her phone at the time of the collision.  The case proceeded to trial in 2011 with a jury ultimately finding in favor of GRL Law’s clients with a verdict just under $4,000,000.
With only $1,000,000 in insurance coverage and defendants who did not have the assets to satisfy the remainder of the judgment, GRL Law pressed on to secure full compensation.  Ultimately, GRL Law was able to secure an assignment of the trucking company’s bad faith claims against its insurance company for refusing to protect its interest by refusing to settle the case within the insurance limits before trial.  GRL Law, along with local counsel in another state, brought an action in Federal Court for bad faith against the insurance company.  After extensive discovery and litigation, that case was finally settled for 11.5 million dollars, bringing the total amount recovered on behalf of GRL Law’s clients to over 12.5 million dollars.
At GRL Law, we do not rest until our clients are completely and fully compensated for their losses.  It took almost ten years of tireless work, but justice was finally served.