OWI Second Offense Mahaska County – found unconstitutional under 4th Amendment

I learned of GRL law through doing some research. I met with a colleague of Mr. Gangestad's and later decided to retain him as my representation due to the more affordable price. He began diligently working on my case by finding the facts and areas where we could defend my charges that I was facing. Immediately after only a couple days Grant had come up with several things in my case that were mishandled! He consulted with me about going forward with the defense he had come up with and I had no doubt with the confidence he possessed that he would help me until justice was served. To the point of my first court appearance I had yet to meet Grant however he had taken care of my DOT hearing and spared my license already. Once I met him I knew he meant business as he argued my case in Mahaska county court. After the district court failed to suppress evidence on both motions Grant gave me my options and I decided to skip trial and let the judge decide, to no one's surprise I was found guilty due to the nature of the courts decision to not suppress. We had decided that if that happened i would appeal with the Iowa Supreme Court of Appeals. Grant immediately had a plan and worked on the brief for the Appeals Court. The whole time Grant treated me as if I was his number one priority as I'm sure he does with all of his clients! I was surprised with how little I had to do during this process as he took care of virtually everything for me. Grant kept me well informed about changes and options in my case and never left a doubt that he would if nothing else give me 150% effort in helping protect my rights and come up with a favorable result! His young appearance didn't reflect his experience level as he handled himself professionally and seemed to be the point of influence while arguing the facts at my hearings. After 23 months total time Mr. Gangestad won my case with his exposure of the stop being unconstitutional under the 4th Amendment. The exact reason he told me we had a very good chance of winning with over 20 months ago. He had the strategy from the get go it just took a competent judge to interpret the law that he was trying to protect and defend! I would recommend Grant to anyone who wants to have a great representation and unmatched confidence at an affordable cost. Thanks Grant for your tireless effort and the best outcome I could ask for!