OWI to Reckless Driving Means Canada Trips Continue

Polk County Iowa- After being arrested by police after almost striking their stopped patrol car because he was boxed in by other traffic, the clients OWI charge was amended to reckless driving.  The amendment occurred after it was alleged that the breath test results should be inadmissible because the arresting officer incorrectly told the Client that the breath test result only dealt with his driver's license and not the criminal component of the case.  The State aggreed that the breath test result should be suppressed and inadmissible at trial and with a central piece of the evidence being ruled inadmissible the State amended the charge to reckless driving.  The Client was able to avoid an OWI on his criminal record as well as his driving record.  More importantly however, because he was not convicted of the OWI, he will be able to continue his yearly trips to Canada as a conviction for OWI can preclude entry into Canada.