Patience can be a Virtue

Humboldt County Iowa-  Facing the possibility of a vehicular homicide charge is a scary thing.  So to is waiting to see how any criminal charge unfolds and time can seem to stand still during that period.  Fortunately for this client paitence was a vitue.  The client initially hired Matt Lindholm for representation following a vehicle pedestrian accident where the pedestrian was killed.  After a lengthy investigation and several discussions with the Coutny Attorney, it was determined that the charge for vehicular homicide would not be filed given that the pedestrian had crossed the road in front of the client on a dark snowy night and that the client's impairment did not contribute to the death.  Nevertheless, the OWI charge was filed and after reviewing vidoes from the investiation a motion to suppress was filed challenging the admissibility fo the clients breath test result.  After reviewing the motion and the facts of the case the State dismissed the OWI charge.