Persistence Pays Off – GRL Law Secures Payment of Over Half-a-Million Dollars for Victims of Nursing Home Negligence

Ottumwa, Iowa.  After a long, drawn-out battle, GRL Law finally received payment totaling $580,194.79, for clients whose mother died as a result of nursing home negligence while residing at Good Samaritan Society nursing home in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Rather than accept responsibility, Good Samaritan fought tooth and nail, drawing the proceedings out as long as possible, hoping that GRL Law and the family would give up hope.  Good Samaritan even fired their Iowa defense lawyers and hired the law firm of Fudge & Broadwater, a Florida based law firm marketing itself as “the Trial Defense Firm for the Long-Term Care Industry!”

Despite the defense’s delay tactics and game-playing, the case was finally presented and submitted to a jury of Iowan’s to determine legal responsibility.  On November 20, 2018, the jury announced its verdict holding Good Samaritan Society responsible for the death of GRL Law’s client.  The jury determined that Good Samaritan should be required to pay a total of $500,000 in damages to the estate.

Even after the jury’s verdict, Good Samaritan refused to pay the damages ordered by the court.  Instead, their Florida attorneys attempted to drag the case out even longer with post-trial motions.  When the trial court denied all of Good Samaritan and their Florida lawyer’s post-trial motions, they filed an appeal.  Likely realizing that their appeal was without merit, the Florida lawyers repeatedly attempted to convince GRL Law to accept less than the jury ordered them to pay.  GRL Law’s clients persisted and held firm demanding payment in full, plus interest.  Finally, the Florida law firm representing Good Samaritan, which boasts: “For Jury Trials, our trimmed mean on our long term care trials is under $1,000” withdrew their appeal, conceding their loss.

Ultimately, the delay tactics and games played by Good Samaritan and their Florida lawyers resulted in Good Samaritan having to pay a total of $580,194.79.  $75,690.16 of the total amount was for interest on the judgment!  Their delay tactics ultimately backfired.  The road to justice is not always quick and easy.  In fact, it rarely is.  However, GRL Law’s promise is to never compromise a client’s case for the sake of closing a file.  Our client’s cases is our cause.  Perseverance is an important characteristic for law firms and clients who have been wronged.  GRL Law refuses to take the easy road when justice demands otherwise.  We care.  We fight.  You win!