Property Seized for Forfeiture? Take Action Immediately

Police and prosecutors use forfeiture laws to take ownership of property that is allegedly related to criminal activity.    The police needn’t even arrest the owner to take advantage of Iowa’s civil forfeiture laws.  More often than not, criminal charges are never filed by police.  They simply seize property (mainly cash) during any traffic stop, make a colorable claim of criminal conduct and see if the owner challenges the legal process.

When the owner instead abandons the property, the police and prosecutors keep the proceeds.  It can amount to millions each year.

A great way to address budget shortfalls, right?  That’s why forfeiture is often referred to as “policing for profit.”

If police seize cash from you, then don’t sign any form that waives or disclaims ownership.  Take action immediately by calling the civil forfeiture defense attorneys at GRL Law.

We have successfully litigated the return of large sums of cash, vehicles, firearms and other property to innocent owners who took a stand instead of walking away.

Civil forfeiture is a very complex area of the law.  It is constantly evolving, too, with many traps for the unwary including some filing deadlines 10 days from the seizure.  We know how to use Iowa Code chapter 809A to your advantage.

Don’t let the police keep your cash or your car.  Give us a call at 515-461-7919 or email with questions about any property seized for forfeiture.

GRL Law.  We know forfeiture.