Prosecutors Agree to Dismiss Rape Charges One Day Into Trial

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  The writing was on the wall that GRL’s client was innocent of Rape accusations but it took a day of trial for the prosecution to finally read that writing.

GRL’s client was accused of rape after what he described as a consensual sexual relationship.  Surveillance cameras from the apartment corroborated his claims showing the complaining witness walking him up to her apartment and then seeing him out the door a few hours later.  The accusation was not made top police until approximately seven hours later.

GRL’s client insisted on his incense and took the case to trial.  He was facing a mandatory 10 year prison sentence if he was convicted.  A jury was picked and evidence was started when on the morning of the second day, before trial began, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the sexual assault allegations if GRL’s client plead guilty to a misdemeanor, non-sex related offense. The risk and expense of continuing with trial was outweighed by the misdemeanor, non sex offense resolution and the deal was struck.

Being accused of rape is a terrifying position to be in.  The consequences are severe and it is almost impossible to affirmatively prove someone’s incense.  Sometimes, an aggressive defense supported by an almost fanatical factual investigation is all that stands between an innocent person and a false conviction.  Here’s to what we are labeling another #NFG.