Pulled Off a Miracle

Matt was top notch!!!! Being originally from Chicago, IL and unfamiliar with the specifics of OWI laws in this state I made some very critical mistakes in how I handled my interaction with the officers who pulled me over that night by refusing the Breathalyzer both at the arresting site and at the station which makes things worse here as I found out later. After meeting with Matt one time I knew he was the guy in telling me if there was an angle to exploit the charge and actions of the arresting officers he would. He did just that as he was able to find an angle to question one of the officers statements during the arrest which resulted in his filing for a motion to suppress the Breathalyzer refusal. At that point the county prosecutor knowing Matt had a pretty solid argument to have the evidence suppressed and struck a deal with Matt. As opposed to an automatic 12 month suspension, 3 months for a work driving permit and an owi on my record the charges got brought down to a deferred sentence of only a 3 month license suspension, 1 year of probation, cannot get another one for 12 years(and one was enough for me lol), no owi as long as I complete my probation and no other owi charges obviously and some fines. Matt was well worth the money I paid for his services, he and one of his legal assistants kept me promptly informed during all phases of the proceedings including when I did and didn't have to be in court and how things were going to play out. Matt knows his stuff and gives it to you straight. If there is something to your situation he can find to relieve the burden of your case this guy will find it HANDS DOWN!! If you need a superb attorney that is professional, honest and hard working to your benefit you'd be a fool not to seek out Matt. He is absolutely the lawyer you want!!!!!!!!!!