Search Warrant for Blood? Call GRL Law

There was a time when the impaired driving defense lawyers at GRL Law only encountered search warrants for blood in felony OWI cases.  Especially those involving serious injuries.

Those were the days. 

The police no longer reserve search warrants for just serious injury accidents.  Now, it seems they pursue blood warrants for all types of cases. 

Refuse a preliminary breath test with a prior OWI conviction on your record?  Transported to the hospital where breath testing is not available?  What about the odor of marijuana or the discovery of medication not prescribed to you?

It’s common practice today for the police to avoid the OWI warrant provisions altogether and seek judicial permission instead for a jab under the traditional search warrant statute.  These are much easier to obtain from the court and provide fewer protections for the driver.

GRL Law has the expertise to challenge probable cause for blood draw warrants issued under sections 321J.10 or 808.  We also have advanced training in blood alcohol and toxicology testing that can raise reasonable doubt at trial under the right facts.  

Search warrants certainly raise the stakes in OWI cases making them among the most difficult of all criminal charges to defend properly.    You can trust the impaired driving defense experts at GRL Law to leave no stone unturned in your defense.