Settlement for Neck and Throat Injuries Suffered in Car Accident

West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  After almost four years but prior to a jury trial, the insurance company for a driver who rear ended a GRL client, recently settled a case in Polk County District Court.
The lawsuit alleged that the driver of the vehicle who rear ended GRL’s client was negligent and caused her injuries.  In response, the law firm hired by the insurance company to defend the driver did not actually even dispute that the driver was negligent.  Further they didn’t dispute that GRL’s client was injured.  However, the insurance company only offered to pay $7,500 before the lawsuit was filed.   Accordingly, GRL had no choice but to sue the driver who admitted he made a mistake and was negligent because his insurance company would not pay the full value of the claim, or anywhere close to it.
Following 2 years of litigation but before trial, the insurance company finally settled the case and agreed to pay $70,000 to GRL’s client.  While it should have been settled years before, GRL was able to finally obtain justice for its client. As with any claim, GRL will not allow an insurance company to force an innocent victim of an accident to accept pennies on the dollar no matter how long it takes to get justice.