Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Against Waukee Community School District and Staff

Waukee, Dallas County, Iowa.  Waukee Community School District and individual defendants who were employed by the Waukee School District settled with GRL Law’s client following the filing of a lawsuit that was removed to federal court in the Southern District of Iowa.

The lawsuit alleged that the school district was negligent and violated the students constitutional rights in three separate ways:  1. The school did not respond appropriately to notifications of the student being bullied.  2. The school did not comply with state and federal law pertaining to identifying children with potential disabilities.  3. The staff physically assaulted the student when they scooted her across the floor with their feet and attempted to force her into a wheelchair to forcibly transport her to class.

Following the filing of the lawsuit, Waukee Community School District denied that they did anything wrong.  After significant discovery and litigation, the school district and individual defendants refused to admit liability but agreed to settle the lawsuit with the family for a total of $150,000.