State Dismisses “Dreamer’s” OWI Charge

GRL Law successfully persuaded the State to dismiss an OWI charge against our client, a “Dreamer” who participates in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.

DACA provides a work permit and legal immigration status to young, undocumented individuals brought as young children to the United States.  A conviction for DUI/OWI in Iowa counts as a “significant misdemeanor” under federal immigration law, which disqualifies a Dreamer from renewing their DACA status and makes them immediately subject to deportation.

The drinking driver attorneys at GRL Law reviewed every bit of pretrial discovery in a bid to shelter the driver from removal.  In the end, however, we were able to secure an outright dismissal of the charge.

Hopefully, our advocacy here will serve as a statewide model for negotiating DACA-neutral resolutions to criminal charges.