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Exceptional Outcome in Marijuana Edible and Flower Felony WIN

Garner, Hancock County, Iowa.  After successfully vacating two convictions through post-conviction relief efforts [more on that here], the drug defense attorneys at GRL Law accomplished what former trial counsel was simply unable to do years ago: develop reasonable doubt that our client committed any felony offense involving marijuana or marijuana edibles. Our aggressive pre-trial discovery efforts raised serious questions regarding whether the alleged victim was duped into consuming chocolate containing THC.   On the contrary, it appeared instead that she pilfered clearly-labeled marijuana edibles from our client’s personal belongings without permission.  Only after she knowingly ate her way into a hazy […]

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The Accommodation Defense for Marijuana in Iowa

In Iowa, a person who possesses up to 50 kilos of marijuana with the intent to deliver it to another can be charged with felony possession under Iowa Code section 124.401(1)(d).  Fifty kilos of marijuana tip the scales at 110 pounds, but you don’t need to be holding Black Tuna Gang quantities to risk a prison sentence.  Depending on the surrounding circumstances, possession of a few quarter ounce bags or less can lead the state to charge a class D felony. However, if the evidence at trial demonstrates the person possessed one-half ounce or less (< 14.17 grams) of marijuana, […]

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