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CDL Saved After Urine Test Results Suppressed

In the process of saving a CDL from being disqualified, the impaired driving attorneys at GRL exposed a potential flaw in the implied consent advisory for commercial motor vehicles. The advisory provides that commercial driving privileges will be disqualified if the drivers tests over 0.04 for alcohol or refuses testing while operating a CMV. However, it says nothing about a DQ for a positive urine test. So, is a commercial driver’s decision to consent to urine testing reasoned and informed under the circumstances?  We think not. As a result, we were able to not only suppress the urine test, but […]

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Breath Test Suppressed After Deputy Misadvises CDL Holder

GRL Law received a ruling today that suppressed the results of a breath test taken by a CDL holder. We discovered the officer made a mistake during the implied consent advisory.  He advised the driver that a test failure results in a one-year disqualification, but a refusal results in a lifetime ban on his commercial driving privileges.  That’s not the law, of course, but the mistaken advisory provides a pretty compelling reason to consent, doesn’t it? The district court thought the same.  The driver’s consent was not the product of a reasoned and informed decision. That means the driver’s CDL […]

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