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Marijuana OWI Dismissed

GRL recently secured another NFG when the Bremer County Attorney dismissed a marijuana OWI on the eve of trial. While there were a number of problems with the state’s case, the one that tipped the scales the most was the officer’s plain view observation of “marijuana bud” in the passenger compartment.  That turned out to be a piece of Lactuca sativa otherwise know as . . . Wait for it. Lettuce. That’s right.  He seized that other green leafy substance popular with salads and wraps.  And framed the rest of his investigation from the standpoint of marijuana impairment. At least he […]

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Alcohol and Crime – The Coronavirus Anomaly

It seems to be common sense that alcohol and crime have a positive correlation. With increased alcohol consumption comes increased crime.  This is all but a universal truth.  Both science and medicine teach us that alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and consequently, when consumed in greater quantities our inhibitions and control over impulsive behavior are lowered.  Thus, with increased alcohol consumption comes decreased impulse control and a corresponding increase in criminal behavior. The documentation of the connection between alcohol and crime is as old as the written history of mankind.  The first book of the Bible, Genesis, provides […]

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