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Appeal Your 2023 Property Tax Assessment

Iowa Property Tax Assessments are up by record amounts across the Des Moines Metro area and the entire state.  KCCI is reporting that assessed values are going up by approximately 22% in Polk County and surrounding counties.  These record increases are being justified by the delay in valuations caused by COVID as well as the […]

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Don’t Let Those Traffic Tickets Pile Up: How the DOT Can Pull Your Driver’s License for Multiple Moving Violations

Imagine this scenario: you get a traffic ticket for a failure to correctly use a traffic signal.  You might have failed to signal within the required distance, you might not have.  You could dispute the ticket, but you decide that it’s not worth it to take the time off from work, go to trial, and […]

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Iowa Supreme Court to Decide Whether Refusal of a Breath Test May Be Used Against a Person as Evidence of Guilt at Trial in an Operating While Intoxicated Case

Recently, GRL Law attorney Grant Gangestad argued the case of State v. Kilby before the Iowa Supreme Court.  The case dealt with an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge.  The client’s charge stemmed from a fender bender in a parking lot.  Officers were called to the scene and began an investigation into possible intoxication of the […]

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