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Prosecutor Rebuffs Reasonable Resolution, Loses Entire Case. Operating While Intoxicated Charge and License Suspension Beat

Corning, Adams County, Iowa.  Prior to a hearing on defendant’s motion to suppress evidence, defendant offered to plead to an amended charge of Reckless Driving with the requirement of completing the operating while intoxicated weekend class.  The prosecution would have none of it choosing instead to go forward with the hearing.  At the hearing, the Sheriff’s Deputy was caught changing his sworn testimony multiple times.  Ultimately, the court concluded that the Deputy did not have a lawful reason to pull the defendant over and excluded all evidence obtained as a result of the stop.  Prosecutor is left with no evidence […]

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Knowledgeable and Empathetic Attorney that Fights for You

Mr. Rehkemper accepted my case when many other attorneys I consulted with expressed discouragement. He was direct and honest from the start and kept me well informed throughout the lawsuit proceedings. Mr. Rehkemper is empathetic and it shows in how he handles your case and treats his clients. Don’t mistake his kindness as weakness though…Mr. Rehkemper can be scrappy! He has all the characteristics you’d want in an attorney fully prepared to represent their client. I will always be thankful for how he assisted me during a rough time. He was successful for me and I would recommend him to […]

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Lights Out!

Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.  Some things you must see to believe.  The prosecution and law enforcement attempted to convince a judge to not believe what everyone could clearly see.  Thankfully, the judge believed what he too could see. Two Iowa City Police Department police officers, Maddie Friedrich and her Field Training Officer, Brad Reinhard, attempted to claim that GRL Law’s client was driving through downtown Iowa City, at night, without the vehicle headlights illuminated.  According to Officer Friedrich’s report and sworn affidavit, “the defendant was seen driving without his headlights when required.”  The officers’ squad car video contradicted this […]

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