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Routine Random Stop of Commercial Vehicle Deemed Unconstitutional

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  GRL Law has long argued that Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers cannot legally stop commercial drivers without reasonable suspicion of a law violation.  It has long been the practice of Iowa law enforcement officers to randomly stop commercial vehicles to weigh them or check compliance with regulations.  […]

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Preliminary Breath Test Logs Strike Again

Carroll, Carroll County, Iowa.  A commercial vehicle driver’s driving privileges were spared and the Operating While Intoxicated accusation was dismissed outright after it was discovered that the preliminary breath test (PBT) log did not comply with Iowa requirements. A preliminary breath test device is the breath test that law enforcement requests out on the road, […]

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Lawyer Up – Commercial Driving Privileges Saved by Demand for an Attorney

Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa.  Cedar Rapids police officers arrested a commercial truck driver for sleeping in his vehicle in a parking lot.  They charged him with operating while intoxicated since being in control of a motor vehicle that has its engine running technically qualifies as “operation” under Iowa law.  Understandably upset with his situation, […]

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