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Winterset Pays $86,000 in Wrongful Arrest Case

Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.  The City of Winterset agreed to pay GRL’s client $86,000.00 to settle a wrongful arrest case brought against Winterset Police Officer, Logan Camp and the City of Winterset. In a lawsuit that captured media attention, GRL’s Government Accountability section sued Winterset Police Officer, Logan Camp, after he arrested and charged GRL’s client with Operating While Intoxicated and Child Endangerment even though he passed field sobriety tests and provided a breath sample of half the legal limit. The criminal charges were ultimately dismissed when it became clear that GRL’s client had not broken the law. The case […]

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Police Misconduct in Iowa – Factors and Solutions

Police misconduct exists in Iowa.  Racial disparities in Iowa’s criminal and civil justice system exist.  They are real.  They are problematic.  Unfortunately, neither police misconduct nor racial disparity in our justice systems are likely to undergo real, substantive reform anytime in the near future.  The reason?  The law, as it exists, fosters, breeds, and encourages misconduct and disparity. The courts are charged with interpreting and enforcing the laws as they exist.  The courts have no power to change the direction substantively.  While constitutional protections can be interpreted by our courts to invalidate outdated or overtly inequitable legislation, the Iowa courts […]

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