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The “Take-Back” Entrapment Defense

The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law are often asked about the possibility of asserting an entrapment defense in drug cases.  It’s usually in the context of a controlled buy from an informant who is trying to work off a collar. The regular entrapment defense requires evidence of excessive incitement, urging, persuasion or temptation.  Merely providing the opportunity to commit a crime is not enough. That’s why the regular entrapment defense is difficult to raise for most vanilla drug transactions.  Typically nothing excessive! But then there’s the “take-back” entrapment defense.  That is available when an informant supplies drugs to the accused […]

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Discovering the Identity of a Snitch in Marijuana Search Warrant Cases

Cooperating individuals, or snitches, work closely with police in exchange for either money or leniency with their own drug charges.   They are permitted to operate with virtual anonymity in order to set up as many people as possible.  Police and prosecutors also go to great lengths to protect the identity of these assets from being disclosed. This is typically on full display in marijuana search warrant cases.  The snitch provides tips to police to establish a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, which when coupled with other information can provide probable cause to issue a warrant.  Or they might participate instead […]

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