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Another Marijuana OWI Win!

The district court in northwest Iowa recently granted the State’s Motion to Dismiss following a ruling suppressing the results of a blood test obtained through implied consent. The drugged driving attorneys at GRL Law challenged the test results under Iowa Code section 321J.11, the state’s independent testing law. The state trooper originally requested a urine […]

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3 Separate OWI Cases – 3 OWI Charges Avoided – 3 Driver’s Privileges Spared

Waukee, West Des Moines, and Iowa City.  Three separate clients were charged with operating while intoxicated offenses.  In all three cases, GRL saved each client’s driving privileges by prevailing at the Iowa Department of Transportation administrative hearing. In all three cases, the operating while intoxicated criminal accusations were also amended down to simple misdemeanor offenses.  […]

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Routine Random Stop of Commercial Vehicle Deemed Unconstitutional

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  GRL Law has long argued that Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers cannot legally stop commercial drivers without reasonable suspicion of a law violation.  It has long been the practice of Iowa law enforcement officers to randomly stop commercial vehicles to weigh them or check compliance with regulations.  […]

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